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WPL 's Diamond wastewater treatment system has-been installed at Chez Jallot - a French manor house Which Will Be featured on the current series of Channel 4 's Grand Designs Abroad . Located near Limousin in central France , the residence is off hands and Its drainage rent unsuitable for the standard Septic Tank ( septic tank ) and soakaway . WPL 's Diamond Provided the ideal compact solution Offering discreet , odor - free treatment with average five yearly intervals de- sludge and minimal servicing requirements .
Prior to restoration, the three- storey historic ' mansion bourgeis ' Stood derelict for 60 years . Works included the setup of WPL 's Diamond DMS3 . Its robust , conical design Reduced excavation and once installed , only a 600mm green cover inspection was visible. Internally , icts weir Construction Ensures continuous high performance by Reducing the impact of fluid surges , whilst an extended aerobic process Reduces de- sludging requirements and Eliminates vermine .
Property owner, Denise commented , " The main problems Associated with HAVING your own wastewater treatment plant are space , reliability and the process of getting it emptied every year! WPL 's Diamond Addressed all of contention issues, with icts compact design , minimal service and hugely extended Between intervals de- sludging . "
For further information , please contact WPL Ltd or use the contact form for the French Agent.
"Replacing the standards of wastewater treatment plants , reaction from France to the European referral. According to the minister of the environment, in response to the referral to the European Court of Justice, France has undertaken the past two years , a large restoration plan with the standards of its wastewater treatment plants. among the 146 largest cities that are cited in the litigation with the European Commission , 93 have now completed their work. "
WPL have recently supplied a HiPAF sewage treatment plant serving the workforce at a factory in South West France
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