Micro-station d'épuration 

Stations–Traitement des eaux usees

Residential, Commercial, Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment

WPL has extensive experience and expertise in delivering packaged and custom processing solutions for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment across multiple sectors. From domestic homes to large hospitals, dog shelters to leisure centres, industrial manufacturers to utilities serving customers globally, the company has built up a diverse range of clients.
As a global provider, we can provide a complete turnkey service for all wastewater treatment plant products – from plant design, development and manufacture through to delivery, and installation support. The technical understanding of the sewage and wastewater treatment process, operations experience and applications knowledge embedded in our teams mean we can create the best possible onsite treatment for your sewage and wastewater application.

Domestic houses to large hospitals, dog shelter, recreation centers, industrial manufacturers to utilities serving customers globally, the company has a wide range of contented customers.
As a global supplier, they can provide a full turnkey service – from design, development and production to delivery and installation support. Extensive technical understanding of sewage and waste water processes, operational experience and knowledge of previous applications means that they can create the best possible treatment for your sites wastewater.

Safe and Reliable Sewage Treatment Systems for Homeowners

Householders whose homes are not connected to mains drainage need alternative safe and reliable domestic sanitation. WPL has over 25 years’ experience of producing high quality package residential sewage treatment plants that are ideal for domestic installations.

The compact design of WPL’s domestic sewage treatment plants leads to minimal disruption when installation is carried out. Further, below-ground installation in a robust self-contained unit means low visual impact, no odours and minimal noise output, perfect for homeowners.

The treatment process for WPL’s residential sewage treatment plants is biological and natural, meaning there is also no requirement for chemicals. This helps keep maintenance to a minimum and costs low. WPL have earned a well-deserved reputation for working to the highest health, safety, environmental and quality standards. We also ensure that our domestic package sewage treatment plants are designed and proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

Advice from our skilled technical sales and service team can help give you both peace of mind and value for money in the system you select. WPL’s domestic sewage treatment plants are also registered with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC).
Safe and reliable systems for homeowners
Traitement des eaux usées Résidentiel
Sustainable sewage treatment for housing developments
Accueil du propriétaire
Low cost treatment for self-build and renovation projects
traitement à faible coût pour des projets auto-construction et de rénovation
EU Funded Village Projects
Projets financés par l'Europe de Village - Projet Village
Chemical-free treatment for residential communes
Commune - Chemical-free treatment for residential communes
Stand alone treatment systems available for individual office, retail and industrial units
Égouts commercial et traitement des eaux usées.
Discreet installation for hotels and leisure facilities
installation discrète pour les hôtels et centres de loisirs
Disposing of difficult to treat animal wastes
Déchets animaux - Elimination des déchets difficiles à traiter animauxEnvironmentally sensitive treatment for agriculture and horticulture
Agriculture et l'horticulture - traitement écologiquement sensible pour l'agriculture et l'horticulture
Primary Treatment – Settling out solids and reducing BOD
Traitement des eaux usées municipales
Secondary Treatment – Meeting local and national consents through biological treatment
Traitement secondaire - Traitement secondaire - consent réunions par traitement biologique
Tertiary Treatment – Meet effluent consent standards
Traitement tertiaire - Traitement tertiaire - répondent aux normes de consentement effluents
Sewage treatment plants meeting security guidelines for military bases and embassies
Base militaire - les usines de traitement des eaux usées respectent les normes de sécurité pour les bases militaires et les ambassades
Meeting the challenges of healthcare facilities
Santé - Relever les défis des établissements de santé
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